Frequently Asked Questions

Plan The Perfect Montana Fly Fishing Adventure

We know how exciting it is to plan a fly fishing trip. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get the information you need for the perfect Montana experience. Still have unanswered questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

When is the best time to go fly fishing in Montana?

We run guided trips all year, yes – even in February. However, the primary season is from late March through October. When you come really depends on the goals of the trip. Some of the best catch rates are in April, while we see our best streamer fishing in September. With the multitude of freestones, tailwaters, spring creeks, and private access waters at our guests disposal, we are always able to find quality fishing.

Learn more about fly fishing in Montana each month of the year on our seasonal breakdown.

What is the best Montana fly fishing lodge?

Our guide service partners with some of the best fly fishing lodges in Montana offering various accommodations depending on your style. Whether you’re looking for lush lodging or secluded cabins, we’ll help you coordinate your trip around the best fly fishing in Southwest Montana.

What rod should I bring?

There are multitude of rods that prove to be more than adequate for Montana fly fishing. The “old standard” is a 9 foot 5 weight rod, and we would agree that rods of that caliber can cover many Montana fishing situations from spring creeks to grand rivers like the Yellowstone River. For anglers that are going to target larger rivers like the Madison or the Missouri, we reccomend a 9 foot 6 weight over the 5 weight as it will deliver larger flies and nymph rigs with greater efficency. For anglers that are targeting spring creeks and private waters, we recomend a 4 weight in 9 or 8.5 foot lenghts to protect light tipets and deliver flies at shorter distances.

What if I need to borrow a rod?

We have you covered! At Wet Net Outfitters we belive that a poor mechanic blames his tools, but most good mechanics have Snap on Tools. Our guide rods are manufatured by Sage and set up to fish excatly how we want. Light rods for small streams and spring creeks and stout rods for streamer fishing or nymphing larger rivers. We can provide the full gammut.

Do I need to travel with my waders?

There is an old attage – “It is better to have and not need, than to need and not have.” We strongly reccomend that our guests pack their waders with them regardless of the time of year. In my tenure as a guide I have been snowed on every month of the year, including July! If you forget, dont want to deal with the hassel, or the airline looses them, you can rent a set from us for $35/day.

What should I pack for the trip?

We recommend that our guests always bring a rain jacket regardless of the weather and season. It is also recommened that our guests pack sunscreen, phone/camera, lip balm, and a long sleeve fleece pullover. It is mandatory that our guests bring sunglasses and wear them as well as have a current Montana Fishing licesne. A ball cap or visor is also strongly encouraged. A small dry bag is an excellent way to store your personal items.

What is the deposit and cancellation policy?

Deposit and Cancelation Policy:

A 50% deposit is requested on advanced bookings, 61 or more days in advance of arrival. A full payment is requested for trips scheduled within 60 days of the time of booking. For advanced bookings secured with a deposit, the remaining balance is due in full 60 days before the trip.

A written notice of cancelation is required. Cancelation fees will be applied as follows:

For cancelations 90 days in advance of arrival, 7.5% of the reservation total will be retained by Wet Net Outfitters LLC.

For cancelations 89 to 60 days before arrival, the deposit will be retained in full by Wet Net Outfitters LLC.

For cancelations inside of 60 days before arrival, the full price of the trip will be retained by Wet Net Outfitters LLC.

Due to the advanced nature of our bookings, we must make no exceptions to our cancelation policy. Wet Net Outfitters LLC fishes rain or shine and trips are not canceled due to poor conditions. Should the weather provide an unsafe situation, Wet Net Outfitting LLC will cancel the trip and issue credit toward a future trip or a refund.

How much should I tip my fly fishing guide?

Tips are very important to our guides seasonal income. While how much you should tip your fly fishing guide is always at the discretion of our guests, guide tips average $130-$140. If you had a nice time please consider leaving a nice tip.